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2017-2018 Season
by posted 06/14/2017

Stay tuned for updates regarding the 2017 - 2018 Season.  Any interested players or coaches can email RaptorsAthleticsBasketball@gmail.com with questions.

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Its Playoff time!!! (last season info)
by posted 02/02/2017

The Playoff Brackets and Schedules for the 2016/2017 Post-Season are now available on the AYL website (www.AYLsports.org). 

  • Seeding will be populated once regular season games have been completed this weekend.
  • All teams have an opportunity to play in the post-season single-elimination championship tournament. 

Please note:

  • 2nd Grade groups will be seeded based on winning percentage, then tiebreaker rules as set forth in the Basketball Rules, page 3, item 1.1.  This group will then split into an upper bracket (seeds 1-11) and a lower bracket (seeds 12-21) after all games have been completed on Friday, February 3rd. 
  • First round of playoff games for 2nd and 3rd grade will be played on Saturday, February 4th beginning at 2pm.  Schedules will be populated with teams as soon as all scores are submitted.
  • Rules remain the same as during the season for all grade levels with the exception of overtime.  Overtime rules are as follows:
    • 1st OT: 2 minutes, clock stops at every whistle
    • 2nd OT: 1 minute, clock stops at every whistle
    • 3rd OT: Sudden Death (first team to score two points wins)
  • Championship games will be hosted at Vista Peak High School and K-8 School on Saturday, February 18th.  Shirts and concessions will be available for purchase in the High School lobby.

Each team shall be responsible for keeping the spectators orderly and off the playing court and behind the spectator’s boundary.  Parents and spectators are urged to encourage their team by cheering them on in a positive manner.  Attempting to coach or instruct the team from the sidelines or shouting in abusive language at the players, officials, coaches or other spectators is strictly prohibited.  Violation shall result in a first warning by the officials, then an ejection upon a subsequent offense.  No food or drink other than water are allowed inside the gyms (with the exception of water for players).

Thank you for participating in the Raptors Athletics basketball season, we hope you enjoy a fun championship tournament!

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